Concealed Handgun License Certification Class



In strict compliance with Ohio Revised Codes 2923.125 and 2923.126 and Senate Bill 199 effective March 21, 2017, which mandates all training, application process, regulations and more regarding Ohio’s Concealed Handgun License (CHL) procedures, the following information will be covered in class.

The class consists of six hours classroom training in the below listed subjects and two hours of live fire at the range.

Each student will be supplied with an OCFT Academy manual and the State of Ohio Concealed Carry pamphlet.  Once completed with the classroom portion, there will be a fifty question open book test given to insure that all training has been understood.

In addition to mandated training, the OCFT Academy surpasses state requirements and provides additional training and personal experiences in the use of deadly force:

Subsequent to successful completion of classroom training, there will be two hours of live fire at the range, where each student will be analyzed by an instructor to insure proper shooting and safety techniques.  During this part of the training, the student must show proficiency with their shooting skills.

If you don’t have your own, Hearing and Eye Protection will be provided at no charge, as will silhouette targets for use at the range.

Left click on the picture below to open the link to the “Ohio’s Concealed Carry Laws and License Application” pamphlet.  The contents of the pamphlet will be reviewed and discussed in great detail during the class.


PRICE PER PERSON:  $100.00 per person.

PRICE FOR FAMILY OR GROUP:  $90.00 per person for family members attending the same class or $90.00 per person for groups of 3 or more.

REGISTRATION & PAYMENTYou must be registered to attend.  To register and make your on-line deposit payment:

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DURATION: 6 hours classroom training | 2 hours range training   TOTAL:  8 hours.

CLASS & RANGE LOCATION:  The classroom is located at 2423 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 and the range is located at 1234 Bolivar Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 in the center of downtown Cleveland for easy access by all.


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