Advanced Pistol Training Course

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September 15, 2019


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October 12, 2019


These classes are held at a private outdoor range near Wellington, Ohio during late spring, summer and early autumn.


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The Advanced Pistol Training Course is an important and necessary part of your pistol training.  Normal public ranges, with stationary targets, stationary shooters and range operation restrictions do not allow the public to practice realistic deadly force defensive encounter tactics and advanced tactical shooting techniques.

This training will allow students to work closely and unencumbered with tactical instructors in developing their skills in advanced shooting tactics.

Orientation and discussion of the positive mindset and the importance of working on essential pistol skills begin the class.  During live fire training, the instructors work with students to achieve an advanced level of skills related to stance, pistol grip and drawing from the holster, and target acquisition. 

Subsequent to this motor skill training, the class will continue with live fire training which includes the following:

Course objectives are:

COST:  $125.00 per person


DURATION: 8 hour (1 hour classroom training | 7 hours range training).

RANGE LOCATION: Private outdoor range located approximately 10 miles south of Wellington, Ohio in Lorain County.  A detailed map with directions will be provided once registration is complete.

REQUIREMENTS:  Bring the firearm you carry concealed, carry open or carry at work.


Lunch will be provided at no additional charge.  The meal, which is prepared on site, consists of grilled chicken, potato with grilled onions, water, iced tea or coffee.  You are also welcomed to bring your own lunch.  Please notify us of any food alergies.

This class will take place regardless of weather conditions during the spring, summer and autumn months.  Only a forecast of severe sustained all day rains or tornadic conditions and warnings will result in cancellation.  If cancelled, you will have prior choice in attending a future class or a refund.  If a thunder storm with lightning is experienced, the class will be moved to an indoor classroom until the lightning ceases.

There will be canopy tents set up adjacent to the firing line for shelter from rain and sun.  Please bring folding chairs for your seating comfort.


***You must be registered to attend this class!***

To register and reserve a seat in this class, a mandatory deposit in the amount of $50.00 must be paid prior to class attendance.  Once placed, you’ll receive an email with specific information pertaining to the class such as directions and map, necessary items to bring and more.

There will also be a link to pay the $60.00 balance for your convenience by the date of class.  Balance payment can also be made at the beginning of class with a check, money order or cash.

PAYMENTTo register and make your on-line payment:

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