This is a summary of comments by former students attending the OCFT Academy.

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Rudy Jones

This is one of the best classes that i have taken. The instructor was very personable and very knowledgeable. The assisting staff were also good people.Our whole class got along well together and had fun learning at the same time. There is no one rushing you through anything you did your range time and if you had any problems they assisted you with them. Very down to earth people i would recommend this class to anybody. Everybody is treated equal. Everybody Stay Safe and have fun.


 Jonny Thorpe
I served in active duty learned alot of diffrent ways to shoot. His OPOTA class was well managed and went throught the basics and some helpful tactics for the vary of skilled professionals. Testing administered to high standards and very professional. Will be coming back for more advance classes


 Bill Hillbery
From the time you enter the classroom your greeted in a professional and friendly environment, the instructors highly trained and knowledgeable!! If your looking for the best 20 hour Opata firearms safety class I highly recommend OCFTA!!


 Donny Elam
Excellent training! Very educational. The class environment is very welcoming, fun and safe. I would recommend this training to anyone looking to increase their knowledge and skills pertaining to firearms, Laws, safety, and range performance. You can’t go wrong!


 Polo TheGeneral
This is my favorite guy!! I will never go anywhere else for my OPOTA training. I’ve had him since day one with my firearms training. He takes his time ensures that you know all you need to know, helps you along the way on top of keeping you entertained with his humor. It is a very great class and Mr.Smetana is a great instructor I definitely recommend his school to anyone looking to receive training. – P.Bender


 voyice clark
Recommending this 20 hour opota prviate security firearms training class is excellent it held at cuyahoga community college ( tri- c ) , George Smetana is an excellent instructor he knows what he is doing , George is a very funny person but he is all about his business and he is very professional as well. when it comes to your safety in and off the shooting range George teaches you for what he had experinence and what he had learned through out the years that he started and finished. In the class you will learn a lot but you have to pay attention because you don’t want to miss nothing’s the material is provided by George so you can know what’s going on. This class is excellent George don’t want you to fail not unless you fail yourself, but overall I recommended this course to everyone who wants to take there 20 hour OPOTA private security firearms training class.


 Keishla Ramos
Great instructors. Fun , safe and comfortable atmosphere. They will provide everything for the price you pay, making it convenient for students.


 Dylan Sherman
Did an amazing job, Ex military and Law enforcement does the training so you know you’re getting the right training!! Does hands on and if you have a question they will now skip you, if you don’t understand something they will make sure they take the time to help you!!! Classroom is very friendly and fun!! Range day is amazing very safe very personalized to make sure you know how to properly shoot and understand!!! the instructors did an amazing job and very glad I went to this class!!!! -Soisson


 Connor Dague

Complete and thorough, George Smetana, the instructor, conducted an excellent class.

George surpassed my expectations and OPOTA’s bare minimums to bring the class to a higher level. He prepared us mentally and physically, stressing the actions that were important in our live range training and ensured we applied our book smarts from the lectures.

Building on all experience levels, whether you’re new to handling firearms or a pro, George treated all students with respect and promoted good habits and techniques. He was safety conscious, expecting all to handle their weapons in a professional and secure manner. Maintaining fundamentals and basic operations, he made the class user-friendly.

Real-life experience and applied knowledge are just a few of the qualities George brings to the table. His life in military and law enforcement reinforced his teachings along with our drills on the range.


Fun and nice place to go thank for the help on some of my problems


 Mahogany Howze
I really enjoyed this class. I went in with no knowledge and let full of knowledge. I loved the stories and all the laughs. I excepted it to be boring and packed with so much information I wouldn’t grasp it all. George really has a great way of grabbing your attention and keeping it. Thanks again if I had to do it all over again I would definitely come back to you and I’m reccomending all my friends and family!


 Casey Katonka
Excellent course, instructors are very informative and do a great job.


 Derricka Lincoln
Best OPOTA class hands down ! I was nervous but our instructor really took the time to make sure I was ok and understood everything ….. Loved it and will recommend to others…. Will be returning for future classes . George made the class fun and made me less nervous felt like I was rite at home ! Please go to someone who knows what their doing George is certified in many things and knows his stuff about any firearm the law and safety .


 Mj Smith
I recently took the 20 hour course and learned a lot from the class .thanks alot George for the training that you taught me .


 theophilus peoples
Great job and Great instructor’s!!!!!!!!!!



Kevin Pierce

Very professional